GameBench releases sample results from Android game benchmarking app

Full version on Google Play soon

GameBench releases sample results from Android game benchmarking app

The newest benchmarking app for the mobile games industry is approaching maturity, with the ending of the GameBench beta test phase, ahead of its release on Google Play in the coming weeks.

As reported last month, GameBench is seeking to ensure mobile benchmarks are more accurate and uncheatable, providing a standard set of data that allows both hardware manufacturers and developers to ensure the best balance of performance versus power consumption.

Consumers will also be able to use this data to make easier choices between different smartphones and tablets, when choosing a device to play games.

Small sample

A small sample of the results from the beta program has now been released via the GameBench interactive dashboard, which picks four devices and four games, including Dead Trigger, Real Racing 3, and Minion Rush.

The results include detailed frame-by-frame analysis, including key measurements of CPU and GPU usage, power consumption, and much more.

All are supported by screen captures at each stage to allow for further analysis.

Charts show frame-by-frame stats as games are played by individual users

The company also intends to add data for newer devices soon, comprising the Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5, and HTC's One (M8).

Existing GameBench users are also being invited to extend their use of the beta application until the full version arrives.


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