Open Source Virtual Reality signs up 13 new partners

Partnership requests accelerate, and Academia Support Program detailed

Open Source Virtual Reality signs up 13 new partners

Razer and Sensics, the two companies collaborating on the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) ecosystem, have announced 13 new partners following the successful unveiling at CES 2015.

They includes the likes of cinematic VR specialists Jaunt, the feet-controlled movement interface 3DRudder, and the spatial audio experts Impulsonic.

Above and beyond

“The reception of OSVR exceeded even our own expectations and we’re working through numerous partner requests since CES,” said Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan.

“Being able to bring together companies doing amazing work in all areas of virtual reality can accelerate consumer-ready devices and improve overall user experiences.”

The full list of new partners is below.

  • The 3DRudder is a feet-controlled 3D navigation and motion controller. #
  • Cyberith is the creator of the Virtualizer, a locomotion device for VR that allows the user to move freely in virtual environments.
  • Impulsonic develops spatial audio solutions for VR and video games.
  • Jaunt is the leading developer of professional full stack hardware and software solutions for capturing, editing and playing back deeply immersive, full stereoscopic, 360-degree cinematic VR.
  • Lucidscape is building a new 3D simulation engine to power a vast network of independent, interconnected virtual worlds.
  • Pixel Titans is a small team committed to making shooter STRAFE.
  • SoftKinetic DepthSense technology for VR enables natural hand interaction.
  • Sonic VR develops hardware and software solutions that can render full 3D object-based sound (around, above/below, with depth) for headphones.
  • Tactical Haptics is commercializing haptic game controllers to provide touch feedback that is more realistic than industry-standard rumble feedback..
  • Tammeka Games is developing Radial-G: Racing Revolved, an arcade sci-fi racer built for VR.
  • VisiSonics is a leader in delivering perfectly positioned, spatialized 3D Audio for virtual and augmented reality in gaming and movies.
  • VR Bits is a creative content studio specializing in VR experiences.
  • Founded by the creators of DK1 upgrade kit, VR Union makes premium virtual reality hardware for the next-generation of VR businesses and professionals.

Razer and Sensics have also announced the OSVR Academia Program, which will provide 10 free devkits and full source code access to each university which has - or plans to set up - a VR lab.

Applications can be made on the OSVR website.

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