Outplay aims for 40 million downloads of its games in 2015

Dundee dev states its goal

Outplay aims for 40 million downloads of its games in 2015

Business gurus tell us that the things we measure will be the things we improve.

In which case, Scottish developer Outplay Entertainment has thrown down a very public gauntlet in terms of the area of its business in which it's looking to excel.

On its fourth anniversary, the 80-strong company has stated that it will have generated 40 million downloads of its games by the end of 2015.

Downloads to go up

It seems confident of reaching this goal, too.

Already five million downloads to the good thanks to its partnership with Rovio over the development of Angry Birds Stella, it has another four games planned for release.

Two will continue Stella's casual appeal, while the other two target the lucrative midcore RPG and strategy market.

"We have already released two award-winning titles this year," said CEO Douglas Hare.

"With four new titles in the pipeline for 2015, we are poised for transformational success as we continue our commitment to listening to what players want, learning from everything we do, and adding just a bit of our own secret sauce."

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