PlayFab broadens access to its live game services with its Free Tier

Offering stronger retention and monetisation

PlayFab broadens access to its live game services with its Free Tier

Complete backend and operations platform PlayFab has announced some of its most popular features will now be made free for developers to access.

The Seattle tools outfit hopes that its move - labelled PlayFab Free Tier - will appeal to the growing number of independent studios who are focused on operating their games as a longterm service.

“Indie game studios are the beating heart of game innovation today," said PlayFab CEO James Gwertzman.

"As game development becomes increasingly expensive and complex, these studios are looking for resources that allow them to cost-effectively do what they do best - create great games.”

Paywall no more

PlayFab's free tier features SDKs for Unity, Unreal, Javascript, Flash, and other engines for ease of integration.

Features include server-side data storage, which will allow developers to make post-release changes without having to recertify, alongside fraud-reduction and monetisation-optimising tools such as receipt verification and authenticated logins.

What PlayFab's dashboard looks like

Already used in over 300 active titles, with more than 10 million registered players, PlayFab’s solutions are available on all platforms, including mobile, tablet, PC, and console with integration across Steam, Apple, Facebook, Google, Xbox, and PSN.

For more information on PlayFab's Free Tier, or to begin using it, visit its website.


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