Seriously partners with Premier League club Norwich City to better market its mobile games

Gaining a global reach

Seriously partners with Premier League club Norwich City to better market its mobile games

In an interesting move, Finnish developer Seriously has announced an official partnership with new Premier League club Norwich City.

The reason is the marketing potential offered by Norwich's promotion to the League; something that will see its matches this season broadcasted to a global audience of 730 million in 185 countries.

Seriously, which has also experimented with marketing campaigns with YouTubers, hope this reach will enable it to get more people to download its games in a more cost effective manner than the increasingly expensive traditional mobile game marketing channels such as CPI campaigns.

Its debut game Best Fiends will soon be joined by the second title in what Seriously hopes will be a trilogy of games.

Kids stuff

As part of the partnership, Norwich City Football Club and Seriously will also launch Coding for Kids, a program to enable children to design and build their own games.

"Norwich City Football Club has an extraordinary appeal worldwide with a passionate local fan base and a family-focused approach," said Seriously's CEO Andrew Stalbow.

Some footballers pretending to play mobile games

"We are excited to work with a team that shares similar values and aspirations as we continue to build our own fan base for Best Fiends on a global scale."

Seriously recently announced it had closed a $18 million Series A funding round, bringing its total funding to $28 million.

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