Storm8 and Hasbro unite their casual audiences in Clue Bingo

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Storm8 and Hasbro unite their casual audiences in Clue Bingo

Following the success of Monopoly Bingo, Storm8 and Hasbro have renewed their partnership with the release of Clue Bingo or as it's known outside the US - Cluedo Bingo.

Now available for iOS and Android, the game mixes up the bingo experience within the Clue setting of solving a murder.

Building on this, the game will also feature weekly special events such as Murder Mystery Puzzles, Word of the Week and limited time challenges.


"The CLUE game has entertained fans worldwide for more than 60 years," said Mark Blecher, senior vice president of digital gaming and corporate development at Hasbro.

"With Storm8's massive mobile network and experience in building social casino hits, this new title is poised to attract millions of new players into the CLUE game universe, and enable existing fans to experience the popular mystery game in a new, engaging platform."

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