Video: Busting the myths of ad mediation

AerServ give it to you straight

Video: Busting the myths of ad mediation

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2015, Andrew Gerhart, COO of AerServ, took to the stage to talk about some of the myths surrounding ad mediation.

He said that developers "need to ask a lot of questions" about the mediation SDKs that they're installing, as mediators may overgeneralise on some details, like how many SDKs are actually being implemented.

Tasteful advertising

He also argued that "advertising can be done tastefully", particularly in the form of reward-based advertising, which are not considered intrusive by users.

Finally, he simply stated that "people think you don't need ad mediation, but you absolutely do", especially if you're looking to generate more revenue from your ads.

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