Is Clash Royale cannibalizing Clash of Clans' sales?

EEDAR reckons so

Is Clash Royale cannibalizing Clash of Clans' sales?

The success of Clash Royale has recently generated some discussion about whether Clash of Clans will be able to survive alongside it.

While research from SuperData Research suggests it won't, Patrick Walker, VP of Insights at market research firm EEDAR, disagrees, and believes that there are already signs Clash Royale is cannibalizing Clash of Clans' revenues.

Gateway game

Writing at, Walker points to the latter's falling App Store ranking on the Top Grossing charts.

He also uses data from EEDAR to back up his claim, with research suggesting that 37% of Clash Royale players are also active Clash of Clans players, and that the latter game is acting as a feeder to the former.


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