King invests big in Swedish developer Snowprint Studios

Bringing old friends back into the fold

Date Type Companies involved Size
August 2nd, 2016 investment King
Snowprint Studios AB
King invests big in Swedish developer Snowprint Studios

King has made a large investment in Swedish mobile games developer Snowprint Studios as part of a multi-million dollar funding round for the company.

The studio was initially founded in December 2015 by Alexander Ekvall, former Director of Product at King.

According to Di Digital, Snowprint closed the $5.7 million funding round in mid-June.

Keeping it quiet

The main investor in this was Midas Player AB, which is one of King's group of companies.

The investment round was made in exchange for nearly 29% of shares in the company, valuing it at almost $20 million.

Both Snowprint and King have declined to comment, though Ekvall did state that the release of Snowprint's first game, Bifrost, has been delayed.

The game, an ambitious midcore RPG based on Norse mythology, was originally intended for release in the second half of 2016.


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