22Cans and Kongregate soft launch The Trail: A Frontier Journey

Learning from Godus

22Cans and Kongregate soft launch The Trail: A Frontier Journey

After facing much criticism for its Kickstarted strategy title Godus, 22Cans has soft launched its next game.

22Cans founder Peter Molyneux pledged not to share any details of The Trail when it was announced in 2014, after being accused of over-promising and under-delivering on Godus and previous projects.

Out there

And true to his word, The Trail: A Frontier Journey has silently appeared on the App Store in the Philippines with nary a whisper from the London-based studio.

Like with Godus, which was published on mobile by DeNA, 22Cans has opted to partner with a publisher. For this one, Kongregate is handling publishing duties.

A 3D, third-person title with a painterly art style, The Trail: A Frontier Journey is based around trading and crafting as a settler in The New World.

Played in portrait orientation, it's designed with one-thumb play in mind.

More info on The Trail, and numerous other games currently available in select territories, is available on our round-up of the best games in soft launch.

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