PlayRaven shifts focus to multiplayer games

Working more with external IP, the studio currently has two unannounced partnerships

PlayRaven shifts focus to multiplayer games

Mobile games developer PlayRaven shifted its business strategy in early 2017 to become a multiplayer-focused studio.

The Finnish outfit’s previous titles include Spymaster, Robocide and Winterstate, that offer single player and some multiplayer options.

Speaking at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2017, PlayRaven CEO Lasse Seppänen said while the team had learned a lot from these games, earlier this year it decided to change the way it approaches development.

New game plan

The main driver of the company's business strategy hasn’t changed: to discover the next big thing in mobile and be a category creator.

PlayRaven has decided to scrap single-player however, and is now focusing on MMO and social experiences.

Another shift in the company’s strategy is to work with bigger companies and adopt external IP where it makes sense.

The company signed a deal earlier this year with an as-yet unannounced partner to develop a game based on a well-known game IP.

Current secret projects at the studio include Project Ark and Project Metro.

PlayRaven is still looking at how to utilise its own property, however. It is currently researching how to harness the Robocide IP for a more social experience.

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