Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes generated nearly $55m during Q2 2018

Galaxy of Heroes spearheads Electronic Arts’ mobile business, accounting for 29 per cent of total revenue

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes generated nearly $55m during Q2 2018

EA’s Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes earned $54.8 million during the three months ending June 2018.

Sensor Tower reports that this puts the mobile tie-in at the forefront of the publisher’s smart devices efforts, bringing in 29 per cent on EA’s total revenue on mobile.

This report marks a year-over-year decline of 14 per cent for Galaxy of Heroes, which grossed roughly $63.6 million worldwide in Q2 2017.

In EA’s FY2018, the Star Wars tie-in is named alongside The Sims Mobile for helping boost mobile bookings to $659m.

Galactic scale

An overwhelming majority of 58 per cent of the market share sees the US as Galaxy of Heroes’ most popular region. But revenue in the US dropped 22 per cent year-over-year, down to $31.8m in player spending.

To contrast, Germany - Galaxy of Heroes’ second-largest market at seven per cent - grew 17 per cent year-over-year, bringing in around $3.9m.

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