FoxNext Games reveals Alien: Blackout mobile game

Alien: Blackout could launch as soon as January 24th; more stories based on Amanda Ripley planned in other mediums

Date Type Companies involved Size
January 7th, 2019 partnership D3 Go!
FoxNext Games
Rival Games
Not disclosed
FoxNext Games reveals Alien: Blackout mobile game

Publisher FoxNext Games and Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest developer D3 Go! have revealed a brand new mobile game based off of the Alien IP called Alien: Blackout.

The horror survival game will be out soon on the iOS App Store and Google Play, according to the Bandai Namco-owned D3 Go.

However, the game’s listing on App Annie suggests it may release sooner than later on January 24th.

The title is being developed by Rival Games and theory Interactive.

Alien concept

Much like Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation for PC, Blackout puts players onboard a crippled Weyland-Yutani-owned space station where they must survive the presence of an alien.

Players take on the role of Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda Ripley as she tries to guide her crew past a deadly Xenomorph and escape.

The game is set between the films Alien and Aliens and features different endings depending on the tactics used by the player.

As well as the mobile game, FoxNext said one of its development divisions Cold Iron Studios was currently at work on a multiplayer online shooter set in the Alien cinematic universe for console and PC.

A press release also teased that IP owner 20th Century Fox is partnering with a "wide range of storytellers" to tell stories based on Amanda Ripley. This Having earlier tweets that players could "Read. Watch. Play", it could mean there will be books and some kind of TV/film based on the character.

FoxNext Games is up for the Best Marketing Team and Game of the Year accolades at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards, which takes place on January 22nd after the close of Pocket Gamer Connects London.


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