Fortnite’s “The End” event viewed by seven million concurrents

New records set across Twitch and Twitter

Fortnite’s “The End” event viewed by seven million concurrents

Fortnite’s Season X “The End” event was viewed by seven million people across the globe simultaneously.

As reported by IGN, the figure was confirmed by Epic Games after the hugely popular battle royale title closed out its first chapter of content with a world-ending event that saw the map be absorbed by a giant black hole.

Subsequently, the game was made inaccessible for two days before Fortnite Chapter 2 was rolled out across all platforms.

The viewership figures were taken from Twitch, Twitter and YouTube, which all confirmed the accuracy of Epic’s numbers.

The event broke Twitch’s record for most concurrent users watching a single game category at 1.7 million people.

42.8 million views

Social media giant Twitter then confirmed that Fortnite’s closer was the most viewed gaming event on the site with 42.8 million views.

At its peak, 1.4 million concurrent viewers watched on.

Though no records for YouTube were broken, the event was seen by over 4 million people, with 4.3 million viewers spectating at one time.

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