Get a 30% discount on GameAnalytics’ new real-time data Benchmarks+ platform

Get a 30% discount on GameAnalytics’ new real-time data Benchmarks+ platform

Game data outfit GameAnalyticshas launched Benchmarks+, its new insights platform.

This is a system that shows real-time aggregated performance data from over 87,000 mobile games with 1.2 billion active players.

“With Benchmarks+ we’ve built a platform that shares our unique market intelligence with the wider games industry,” said GameAnalytics CEO Ioana Hreninciuc.

“This tool is a must-have for anyone from a small indie team seeking financial backing to major publishers, investors and analysts looking to make decisions that are truly data driven.”

Currently going cheaper

GameAnalytics is offering a 30% discount for all users who sign-up before the 3 of December.

This limited-time discount covers six months full access to the service at the reduced rate. Early bird users will also get a say on planned future updates and features, via an inbuilt voting system.

Currently the platform provides aggregated data for a variety of metrics.

  • Access to the top 5%, 10% & and 20% of KPI data back to 2016
  • Options to view trends for whole years, H1/H2 per year, or individual quarters
  • Metrics: D1, D7, D28, Session Length, Stickiness, Conversion, ARPPU, ARPDAU
  • Visualisations: line graphs (trends), heat maps (stats), stacked bar charts (snapshots)
  • Genres: all major app store categories grouped by ‘Casual’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Mid-Core’
  • Monthly updates with fresh data aggregated for the previous month

Upcoming features, due in H1 2020, includes

  • Options to filter all metrics and data by country level
  • Options to filter all metrics and data by platform (iOS/Android)
  • Additional advertising metrics (i.e. CPI, eCPM, LTV)
  • More metrics on demand (i.e. D14, Playtime, Session Frequency)
  • More specific sub-genres (i.e. FPS, hyper-casual, idle games)
  • Fixed date picker with daily-level granularity

More information about Benchmarks+ is available at its website, including details on the time-limited early bird discount.

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