Coffee Stain Studio invests in horse-centric mobile game outfit Kavalri

It's part of The Levelling the Playing Field Initiative

Coffee Stain Studio invests in horse-centric mobile game outfit Kavalri

Coffee Stain Studios has invested in Stockholm-based developer Kavalri.

According to, the Goat Simulator developer and indie publisher has made the investment as part of its Levelling the Playing Field Initiative.

It aims to give an opportunity to studios where at least half the staff are female - as a way of combating the male domination that can be found in the industry.

Kalvari is currently working on mobile title Equestrian The Game.

"We identified our culture and core values very early on in Kavalri's creation," said Kavalri co-founder and VP Molly Ericson.

"One of our mantras includes focusing on diversity in people, not in vision. Diversity in people's background, ethnicity, gender, and personality is important while making sure there's alignment in vision and mission.

Using an initiative

"Being part of Levelling the Playing Field is a fantastic opportunity. It's a great initiative combined with the expertise and support of Coffee Stain."

Kavalri isn’t the first studio to benefit from the Levelling the Playing Field Initiative. Tick Tock: A Tale for Two by Other Tales Interactive was the first company to receive help from the programme.

Coffee Stain is part of THQ Nordic aka Embracer Group, which has been investing in and and snapping up companies over the last six years. 

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