The conference with a conscience - Pocket Gamer Connects London goes green

Our first industry event of the decade marks a new chapter in more ways than one

The conference with a conscience - Pocket Gamer Connects London goes green

Not only will next week’s Pocket Gamer Connects London be our biggest ever event, but it will also be our greenest!

We thought it was high-time we boosted our performance in the three Rs; and we don’t mean ‘reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic… Nope, we’re talking about reduce, reuse and recycle.

Reduce: We’re expecting 2,500 visitors next Monday and Tuesday at central London venue The Brewery - that’s a LOT of name badges! So let’s start with those.

You know those clear plastic ‘wallets’ that dangle around your neck and can be hard to read through reflections? Plastic begone and legibility huzzah! In one fell swoop, we’ve drastically cut down on our PGC plastic consumption by simply doing away with those plastic pockets. Instead, every name badge will be made from thick cardboard that is not only more environmentally sound to produce, but also easier to recycle.

Reuse: Of course we need clear signage to inform our attendees where and when things are happening, but we thought there has to be a better way than single-use posters. For 2020, we’re reducing physical signage on site and moving over to digital displays that we can use time and again at future events. One happy side effect is that our guests will now be treated to even more up-to-date information throughout the event.

We thought it was high-time we boosted our performance in the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Recycle: Remember those 2,500 name badges we mentioned before? That also means 2,500 lanyards - and every single one was made from a plastic derivative. ‘Was’ being the operative word; we’ve switched to bamboo.

Leave your lanyard with us at the end of the event and we’ll see to it that they’re recycled along with the usual paper, plastic, glass or metal waste.

And if you thought 2,500 was a big number, how about the 8,000 drinking cups that our attendees will go through during the event? Rest assured that they too are fully recyclable.

Games For Good

This year, we’ve also partnered with the Games For Good event by Space Ape Games. Held at their New Oxford Street offices the evening after Pocket Gamer Connects London, this event brings together people in our industry who are using gaming for public good. Proceeds from the event will be donated to reforestation NGO - WeForest. Find out more here

Pocket Gamer Connects London tickets on sale now

Come see us next week at the UK’s biggest B2B event for the games industry and know that we’re all doing our bit for the planet. Greta would be proud…

Tickets are available now via the official event website.

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