KamaGames' Video Poker game boasts 49% Day-1 retention

US is the key market

KamaGames' Video Poker game boasts 49% Day-1 retention

While its Pokerist app is the main focus for social gambling outfit KamaGames, the developer also continues to experiment with new releases.

One such is its Video Poker standalone game, which has recently been updated with new modes.

These include Multi-Hand Video Poker, which allows users to play up to 25 hands simultaneously.

Meeting audience demand

Despite being something of a niche product, especially compared to the many different types of casino games users can play in Pokerist, Video Poker currently boasts the highest across Kamagames' portfolio with 49 per cent Day-1 retention.

As with Pokerist, its key audience is the US both in terms of revenue and users.

"We launched Video Poker with the intention of providing players with something refreshingly new and engaging and we could not be more proud of its success," said KamaGames CEO Andrey Kuznetsov.

"As with every game we launch, we are striving to challenge players at every skill level and I think the offering contained within Video Poker is more than enough to achieve that goal."

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