The US government is contending TikTok's temporary protection

The app should have been banned last month

The US government is contending TikTok's temporary protection

Trump and the US government will appeal the temporary protection a judge granted to short-form clip app TikTok.

As reported by Reuters, the political figures want to contend with the decision that has prevented them from banning downloads for the Chinese app, which would effectively prohibit TikTok in the US.

Last month, a US judge granted temporary protection against the download ban which should have come to effect in September. If the ban had gone through, it would have prevented Apple and Google from allowing TikTok to be downloaded.

So it continues

Trump has been actively trying to boot TikTok from the US for months, as he has claimed the app to be a breach of security, offering the Chinese government private data.

As a result, despite giving permission for a deal to take place, Trump signed an executive order to ban TikTok. However, the Chinese firm ByteDance made it clear that it would fight back against the US president.

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