PlayStation's new mobile app drops wishlists and PS3 purchases

The changes come in on October 28th

PlayStation's new mobile app drops wishlists and PS3 purchases

Sony's new PlayStation store for both the web and mobile devices will discontinue wishlists and stop the sale of PS3, PSP and PS Vita games.

As confirmed in an email from Sony, via Twitter user Wario64, the changes have come as part of the revamp the company's storefront is going through ahead of the PS5 launch.

The new PlayStation Store will launch on October 19th. However, from then on, consumers will no longer be able to buy games for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP. Furthermore, apps, themes and avatars will also be unavailable.

Making changes

To top it off, Sony has chosen to remove wishlists. As such, any items found on a user's "Your Wishlist" will be wiped.

Moreover, the changes will be implemented on October 19th online, while smartphones will follow on October 28th.

It is worth noting that the alterations only apply to the web and mobile devices. The storefront on consoles will continue to support all features.

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