Gen Z mobile users more likely to play games, but spend less time in top titles

Those 25 and over are more likely to stick with the same game

Gen Z mobile users more likely to play games, but spend less time in top titles

Generation Z mobile users are more likely to play games than other age groups, according to a report from App Annie.

However, when it comes to top games, those who are aged 25 and over are more likely to spend more time in-game than Gen Z players. Furthermore, the age group spends roughly 20 per cent longer in their most-used games and use them more frequently.

Meanwhile, more than 80 per cent of the top games within each market have been directed towards Generation Z.

In terms of popularity, core action games proved to be the most popular among the younger age group, as 25 per cent of in-game time among Gen Z was accumulated in core action games.

The genre itself is designed around gameplay that encourages users to play regularly, through means such as levelling up to improve playability. Moreover, core action games adapt a slightly more technical control scheme than other mobile games.

However, in the 25 and above age group, puzzle games proved to be more used as they account for around 30 per cent of in-game time. Match-3 games such as Toon Blast and Candy Crush Saga have proven popular.

Define a generation

Twitch and Discord, along with other gaming, live streaming and social apps, have proven to be a defining factor when it comes to entertainment habits among the younger generation.

Moreover, the younger generation is more likely to spend more time in non-gaming apps. Currently, Generation Z users boast 20 per cent more sessions than other age groups; this number was at 15 per cent last year.

Currently, 98 per cent of those in the Generation Z age group is said to have a smartphone, meaning the best way to appeal to them is through mobile devices.

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