Turn your hobby into a business with Yodo1’s newly released AdHawk

Any game developer can receive custom-made recommendations to improve their mobile game monetisation strategy

Turn your hobby into a business with Yodo1’s newly released AdHawk

As of today, October 30th, 2020, Yodo1’s AdHawk platform is officially open to the public via

Through the platform, any game developer can receive custom-made recommendations to improve their mobile game monetisation strategy.

Since 2011, Yodo1 has been helping game studios big and small improve their monetisation and turn their games into scalable businesses.

Sign up for an AdHawk report today and propel your game revenue to the next level.

What is AdHawk?

AdHawk is a platform that provides custom-made monetisation strategy reports and easy-to-implement recommendations that help game developers increase ARPDAU, retention, and eCPM.

Each AdHawk report is co-created by human experts and advanced AI, based on top-performing games in each genre. No two reports are the same.

Tested and refined with hundreds of games over the past three months, AdHawk’s data-driven reports have proven to boost critical revenue metrics without sacrificing the player experience.

Every game that has implemented AdHawk's recommendations has seen a minimum monthly ad revenue increase of 30%.

How does it work?

All you have to do is submit some basic information about your game and its app store URLs.

Then AdHawk goes to work, analysing your game with a combination of machine learning and manually-generated insights.

What do I get?

After two business days, you receive a monetisation strategy report outlining:

  • In-App Ad (IAA) design recommendations
  • In-App Purchase (IAP) recommendations
  • Game design recommendations

Once you have the report, all you have to do is implement the changes and watch your revenue grow.

Who’s Using AdHawk?

Many of Yodo1’s partner games, from Rodeo Stampede, the Ice Scream series, and Steppy Pants, to Super Starfish and Evil Nun, have implemented AdHawk recommendations to boost their game performance. Will you be our next success story?

Your Monetisation Partner

"It's great when you have a partner who cares as much as you do about making a great game. They provide not only a great advertising platform but a skilled team to help you improve gameplay and ad design."
- Protostar Games

Yodo1 has spent the last decade helping developers launch and scale games serving an audience of 1.5 billion players. We’re also the first gaming company to release a free monetisation course to the public.

Through platforms such as our Managed Ad Services (MAS) and in-game community solution KTplay, we have developed expertise in utilising AI technology blended with human insights.

Over the past seven years, these tools have been empowering developers to increase revenue and engagement. However, additional optimisation was often required. Now, after years of collecting data and manually helping our partners optimise their games, we’ve created a scalable solution that any game can apply.

Start with AdHawk, join our legion of MAS partners, and be a part of the future of mobile game monetisation.

Visit to start increasing your ad revenue today.


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