Dive into the games industry with Ubisoft, Zynga, EA, Activision and more at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6

Revealed: the first set of speakers for our sixth digital event have been confirmed. Who will you learn from?

Dive into the games industry with Ubisoft, Zynga, EA, Activision and more at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6

Discover the latest trends and predictions for the year 2021 and beyond, explore how to increase engagement through narrative structures and unlock the top tips to increase production workflow - all at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6 is coming!

Our digital series of B2B events for the mobile games industry returns for a sixth edition on April 19th to 23rd and we’re delighted to announce the first speakers in the lineup.

Taking place completely online, more than 1,500 virtual attendees from all around the world will hear from over 250 expert speakers of the games industry across 16 conference tracks. These topic areas include developer insights, industry visions and values, global trends, growth and more.

Each talk, panel, keynote and seminars is streamed live, recorded and made available on demand, so you can interact with our speakers during their talks through Q&As or catch up later if you’re unavailable for the stream.

As we get closer to the event, we’ll reveal more expert names joining us for our next event, but for now, here are your first speakers who will share their insights with you at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6.

L-R: Om Tandon, Moria Goldstein Toren, Inari Bourguenolle, Poornima Seetharaman

Casual, social, stories and live ops

Get ahead of the curve with UXReviewer Game Consultancy’s founder and director Om Tandon as he looks at the trends and predictions in casual mobile games for 2021, while CrazyLabs’ head of publishing Moria Goldstein Toren shares her expertise on hypercasual and social games. LEGO Ventures’ investor Parin Shah discusses with a panel what it takes to create real social games.

Get ahead of the curve with Om Tandon as he looks at the trends and predictions in casual mobile games for 2021

Akupara Games’ community manager Christopher (Buddy) Sola shares how you can save your game from a buggy launch, by diving into the tactics and strategies that helped turn a buggy launch into a successful one.

We’re excited to be joined by Ubisoft Ivory Tower’s Inari Bourguenolle hosting a superstar session on narrative design and game structures, while Zynga’s lead game designer Poornima Seetharaman discusses how we can drive engagement through narrative.

Combining storytelling with live ops is a seminar from Pixel Federation’s lead game designer Jan Litecký-Šveda. A Thinking Ape’s live ops art lead Chloe Chan presents her top five production workflow hacks to improve the performance of artists in game development.

Code Wizards’ CEO Stuart Muckley continues the live ops discussion with a panel of expert speakers looking at the best live ops strategies that are a must for every game developer.

L-R: Jan Litecký-Šveda, Chloe Chan, Paul Holston, Michelle Brandstetter

Business matters

Paul Holston hosts a session on choosing the best path for your brand

EA Play for Electronic Arts’ community manager Paul Holston hosts a session on choosing the best path for your brand, while Purewal Consulting’s partner Jas Purewal discusses how to build a company with investment in mind with other expert speakers.

GAMEGROOVE Capital’s partner and board member Marvin Liao features on a panel discussing how to go about tailoring the best deal. When recruiting for your company, is it better to do it yourself or work with an agency? LBC Studios CEO Solon Bucholtz, Rebellion’s talent acquisition manager Eamonn Vann-Harris and Red Kite Games’ studio director Simon Iwaniszak discuss on this expert roundtable.

EastLab Consulting’s founder Owen Soh breaks down the Chinese games market and offers ways to break into it. And how do you support new leaders as they enter the business? Sheffield Haworth’s managing director Sam Wallace explores in his solo seminar.

Compare the benefits and differences of getting a publisher or self-publishing in a panel discussion featuring ESL Gaming’s creative director Justin Burnham, Goodgame Studios’ director app store relations/partnerships and corporate development Caglar Eger, Freedom! Games’ director of business development Michelle Brandstetter, Game Seer Venture Partners’ CEO and investment partner Bertrand Vernizeau and Graffiti Games’ marketing director Alex Van Lepp.

In an age of hybrid monetisation, subscriptions, battle passes and more - what’s best for you? Wargaming (DPS Games)’s monetisation and live ops director Sarah Tilley and Activision’s associate product manager Antanina Livingston discuss on a panel.

1up coach&consult’s founder Kirstin Bosc features on a panel looking at the games business post-vaccine and what the new path to normality looks like.

L-R: Bertrand Vernizeau, Sarah Tilley, Gabriel Meredith, Antanina Livingston

People power

We’re pleased to announce that Games for Good’s founder Deborah Mensah-Bonsu once again joins us; this time with a superstar session on how we can tap into the power of our industry to address the most important societal conversations of our time - and empower our players while we do it.

Merfolk Games’ CEO Gabriel Meredith and Gray Jones Media’s co-founder Robin Gray unite for a joint session on delivering games with an inclusive audience in mind at all times. Akupara Games’ marketing strategist Richard Suchit shares how he personally approaches relationship building within the industry, by nurturing present and new connections by engaging and taking an earnest interest in their work and endeavours.

L-R: Deborah Mensah-Bonsu, Robin Gray, Amandine Flachs, Danny Martin

Beyond games and esports

Pocket Gamer Connects explores everything to do with the mobile games industry. However over the past few years, we’ve begun to dive into the wider games industry and go beyond games by looking at how games interact with other forms of media. Visible Realms’ CEO Eliza Jappinen takes a look at the marriage of games, music and entertainment. Meanwhile, WildMeta’s CEO Amandine Flachs dives into AI in games.

Seeking a career in the esports industry? Johnson C.Smith University’s professor of sport management esports and gaming management/online sport management John Cash takes a look at the path to start a career in esports. University of Ausburg’s scientific assistant professorship for civil law and labor law in esports Philipp Schlotthauer dives into the employment laws in the esports environment.

Exposure’s CEO Danny Martin walks through esports education and the power of an esports ecosystem. Ghana Esports Association/Kiddie eSports president/founder Kwesi Hayford dedicates his session to exploring how we can get kids into esports.

Douglas Ogeto, Abbie Dickinson, Xavier Carrillo Costa, Georgina Felce

And there’s a lot more to come!

We’re also thrilled to be joined by:

  • 1Up Venture, Ed Fries, General Partner
  • 8 Circuit Studios, James Mayo, Navigator & Founder
  • Digital Legends Entertainment, Xavier Carrillo Costa, CEO & Founder
  • LudiqueWorks, Douglas Ogeto, CEO & Co-founder
  • Manga Productions, Tariq Mukhttar, Game Development Manager
  • Modern Wolf, Fernando Rizo, CEO
  • Rebellion, Abbie Dickinson, Employer Brand & Community Executive
  • Talewind, Georgina Felce, COO & Co-founder

We’re currently onboarding new speakers every day, with loads of exciting sessions to shout about as we get closer to Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #6.

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