GameAnalytics becomes Huawei Ecosystem partner

“Extensive and growing every day"

GameAnalytics becomes Huawei Ecosystem partner

Mobile performance data firm GameAnalyticshas become the latest partner for the Huawei Ecosystem.

Through the agreement, Huawei mobile game developers can now access an SDK that provides crucial data.

"The reach of Huawei’s platform, alongside our analytics, game ops, and ad revenue reporting tools, make for a great combination, and greatly simplify the work developers need to do in order to be successful with this new, exciting channel,” said GameAnalytics CEO Ioana Hreninciuc.

GameAnalytics provides devs with a range of insights on game performance, including retention, active users and Playtime. However, the company also offers data on advanced areas such as ads revenue, level progression and virtual currency.

Rising up

Together, Huawei and GameAnalytics have brought free analytics to more than 2.3 million mobile developers.

Hreninciuc added that: "Huawei’s app marketplace, AppGallery, is extensive and growing every day. For our community of game developers, this new channel can be an additional source of players and revenue, which can propel their existing portfolio of games to a new level of profitability."

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