GameAnalytics hits 100,000 titles hosted and 200 million daily active users

The analytics platform has benefited from a surge in interest amongst developers

GameAnalytics hits 100,000 titles hosted and 200 million daily active users

Gaming analytics platform GameAnalytics has surpassed 100,000 titles hosted and has more than 200 million daily active users.

Founded 12 years ago GameAnalytics have worked with a number of developers including key mobile companies such as Voodoo, TapNation, Kwalee and CrazyLabs. GameAnalytics has also tracked some key insights, such as the rising install costs of hypercasual titles that saw a sharp rise in January of this year.

Morten Wulff, the Founder of GameAnalytics, said, "Reaching 100,000 active games and 200 million DAUs is an affirmation of both our team's hard work and the trust that the worldwide community of developers has placed in us. Our long-term commitment has been to deliver powerful, compliant tools that transform raw data into actionable insights, all at a significantly lower cost compared to other options. This achievement shows we're delivering on that commitment, setting the stage for future growth and innovation."

Concern and caution translates to interest

The surge in games and DAU for GameAnalytics is indicative of the rising role of analytics in a game's potential success story. At a time when lay-offs and restructuring has become a common element of many headlines, for publishers and developers, the reliable reporting and interpreting of data has become more important than ever.

Certainly, we’ve seen some publishers such as Playtika halt all future game development in favour of building their existing portfolio. Similarly, we can also see - with the recent acquisition of Snowprint Studios - companies such as MTG focusing on the growth of their existing, successful, titles with data driving the business decisions in both cases.

Back in 2021 GameAnalytics analysed the growing popularity of “Squid Game” themed mobile games, off the back of the success of the Netflix show of the same name.

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