Xsolla announces Xsolla Exit Strategies services

New service for developers

Xsolla announces Xsolla Exit Strategies services

Payment service company Xsolla has announced it's now helping game developers maximize their potential with a new matching service aiming to offer exit strategies.

Xsolla has named the service as ‘Xsolla Exit Strategies’.

It is very common in the video games industry to see the developers facing challenges with their games or intellectual properties.

To help them tackle the unfavourable situation, Xsolla will connect development studios with financial and transaction advisors and guide them through the process of selling their IPs or studio, from due diligence preparation to sell out.

The announcement of ‘Xsolla Exit Strategies’ came from their own Xsolla Funding Club which was established back in 2019.

The Funding Club offers the service of connecting game projects with the investors.

And now, with the disclosure of the new service, Xsolla plans to simplify the complex process by connecting industry veterans with the developers.

“Xsolla Exit Strategies is another step forward in helping developers navigate the complexities of securing funding in the multi-billion dollar games industry and executing an exit tailored to their objectives,” said Dimitri Bourkovski, Chief Investment Officer at Xsolla.

He further added, “Our matching connects investors with properties aligned to their business goals, ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties.”

It is worth noting that Xsolla Exit Strategies will not take any fees or compensation in connection with the matching and referral of clients to financial advisors, nor will it have any involvement in negotiating the terms of, or executing, any transaction that may ultimately result from any such referral.

Xsolla recently acquired data viz outfit Slemma.

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