Hiberworld crosses 1 million user created games

UGC platform growing fast

Hiberworld crosses 1 million user created games

Swedish social gaming platform announced its first major milestone as the total number of created games on the Hiber platform crossed one million.

Owned and operated by Hiber, allows players to make their own games and 3D experiences, publishing them in minutes without any complex coding.

Additional social features such chats, comments, followers system are an integrated element. 

“The road to the first million games really began to take shape when we released touch creation on mobile devices in October 2019,” said Mattias Johansson Hiber's chief innovation officer.

“Since then, we have seen everything grow month over month and the community is constantly asking for more things with which to build.

"Today we are releasing what we like to call 'The Lost Assets' which includes many retired assets that we have used to create with, over the past few years, and we know the community is going to go wild."

Check out Hiber via web browsers at:

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