Wildlife Studios launches new affiliate studio Playabit

Led by Toy Blast and Toon Blast devs

Wildlife Studios launches new affiliate studio Playabit

Wildlife Studios has revealed the launch of a new affiliate studio, Playabit, with studio leaders retaining creative freedom whilst having access to Wildlife’s publishing platform.

Playabit is Wildlife Studios’ first affiliated studio of the year and will be led by a trinity of mobile industry veterans behind Toy Blast and Toon Blast from Peak Games. Combined, these two games have generated approximately $3 billion in cumulative revenue to date.

The Peak Games Alumni that will lead the studio are lead designer Tugrul Atak, head of studio Ayhan Sahin, and lead UI designer Ant Sengelli. 

Playabit serves as an entry point for Wildlife Studios in Asia and Europe, and will have locations in Turkey and the UK, in addition to the US.

New ground

"At Playabit, we will be laser-focused on creating fun and engaging casual games, building upon our experiences from past successes. We want to create games that will be played by people all around the world on a daily basis with the best user experience," said Atak.

"Also, by being in Turkey, we can tap into the very talented game development community around the Anatolia region."

Sahin added: "Studio leaders have full creative freedom while Wildlife provides access to its publishing platform, modules, dedicated staff and administrative support in order to allow creators to focus on what matters most: making great games."

Wildlife Studios’ first location in Europe was the new affiliated studio in Sweden announced in December 2021, with a creative leader yet to be disclosed. Meanwhile, another affiliate studio Never Forget Games is aiming for its first global launch this year, and SuperWOW! Games and Foxbear Games are each preparing to soft launch their first games.



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