Wildlife Studios unveils new affiliate 8-Bit Bandits, led by industry vets

The new affiliate will be led by Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! veterans Stephen Jarret and Robert Woodburn

Wildlife Studios unveils new affiliate 8-Bit Bandits, led by industry vets

Late yesterday evening, Wildlife Studios announced the formation of a new affiliate studio, 8-Bit Bandits. The new studio is to be led by industry veterans Stephen Jarrett and Robert Woodburn. The two previously worked on the endless runner Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, and also previously worked with major game studios in both the console and mobile spaces. The studio’s first project is yet to be announced, however it’s been confirmed that it will focus on the mobile platform.

Stephen Jarett commented on the new studio by emphasising the mutual benefits of working alongside Wildlife, “The partnership between 8-Bit Bandits and Wildlife Studios gives us the freedom to concentrate on creating compelling game experiences. The backing of experienced mobile game developers like Wildlife Studios gives us the creative support and autonomy we need, a publishing platform, and distribution expertise.”

Wildlife Bandits

Judging by the announcement, it may be possible to conclude that Jarret and Woodburn’s new studio will be concentrating on multiplayer mobile games. Certainly Woodburn emphasised that they’re looking to work on projects with a strong social aspect, saying, “Over the years, even multiplayer games have begun to feel lonely and isolating. Partnering with Wildlife Studios lets us focus on creating games where people can play, connect, and create memories with friends and family.”

It’s not clear what sort of project the studio will tackle first, however the obvious angle of it having a strong social aspect and being on mobile means it’s possible it may be some sort of RPG or other multiplayer game. Whether this social aspect will be explicit in this way, or in another will likely be revealed with the announcement of their first project.

Jarrett also emphasised how, “There is an instant alignment of values on what makes a great game and a great studio.” It’s not the only recent studio created in affiliation with Wildlife either, as late last month they also announced the formation of Stellar Core Games. Wildlife also featured at #24 on our Top 50 Gamer Makers of 2022 list.

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