Successful $1.5 million funding round for Sceneri

Sceneri have secured a funding round from SNÖ Ventures which will go towards the creation of a 3D development platform

Date Type Companies involved Size
September 21st, 2022 investment Sceneri $1.5m
Successful $1.5 million funding round for Sceneri

No-code gaming development platform Sceneri has announced that it has successfully raised $1.5 million in funding. The investment came in from venture capital firm SNÖ Ventures who has invested in a range of companies in the past such as PortalOne and Sky Mavis.

Sceneri is a mobile-first 3D game development platform that was founded in 2020 by Filip Lundgren and Collin Bishop. Lundgren has experience within the industry dating back to 2007 gaining knowledge whilst working with numerous indie and AAA companies such as 2k Games. Fellow co-founder Collin Bishop has over 15 years of experience in 3D and game development.

The 3D development platform coming from Sceneri is looking to enable users to efficiently and effectively create games and simulations on any device regardless of their technical ability. The new funding is going towards the future development of the platform.

Goals for the future

Founder and chief technology officer Filip Lundgren spoke on the future of the platform saying "By revisiting and reinventing established game development norms, we are creating a uniquely intuitive app for a new generation of creators. We are drawing upon our collective experience of developing games, tools, and film to create a platform that scales by putting design and usability first."

Sceneri currently has a beta sign-up on its website and has stated that they are looking to create and expand the platform on Apple devices first. In other news related to Apple a recent announcement stated that the App Store prices will be rising in some countries next month.

Other recent industry moves saw The Sandbox make its first investment in an independent production company Cosmo Media Labs and there is still the upcoming matter of a possible merger between Unity and IronSource which is set to take place early next month. The mobile games industry is a forever expanding one so strategic investments and partnerships are something we can expect to see more of as companies look to expand.



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