Edge Gaming rebrands to Ludeo

The company creates user-generated content allowing gamers to share their best moments

Edge Gaming rebrands to Ludeo

Israel-based startup Edge Gaming has undergone a rebrand and is now known as Ludeo. The company creates “playables” which will now be known as “Ludeos”.

Co-founder and CEO at Ludeo, Asaf Gazit, made the announcement via LinkedIn, which detailed that the name Ludeo is derived from the Latin ‘ludere’ meaning 'to play'.

The Ludeos’ technology allows for the creation of standalone video game moments that are turned into small, replayable clips. Gamers are able to create and select their favourite gameplay moments and share them instantly on social media, where their followers can then play out the created moment rather than passively watching.

For Ludeo to be utilised, the game must include Ludeo's SDK. The company states that the inclusion of their SDK causes no impact to the gaming experience, but simply allows users to capture their favourite moments with one click which is then seamlessly turned into a shareable playable moment.

Playable moments

Ludeos are intended to be beneficial for developers too. These small in-game moments can potentially be used to raise acquisition, introduce and promote new in-game items or even showcase a snippet of a new DLC. Ludeos aim to help with engagement too as these shareable moments create talking points between players which helps to retain the fanbase of the game.

Late last year we reported that the company had secured an investment of $10 million, and in July of this year they then went on to secure a further $30 million in a series A funding round led by Corner Ventures. These investments have been used to grow the team and expand the Ludeos project.

Rebranding is in season as we have also seen the recent change from Homa Games to simply Homa and Coda changed its name to Coda Labs.

This November companies and industry figures will be meeting at Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan and the PGC Leaders Summit Riyadh.

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