The Esports Future Summit in Jordan gets set to impress

As part of a week of gaming events for Jordan's 2024 Gaming Summit, this weekend's conclusion squarely places Jordan as the epicentre of esports

The Esports Future Summit in Jordan gets set to impress

This weekend the sees the arrival of The Esports Future Summit in Jordan, concluding a week of events throughout Jordan as part of 2024's Jordan Gaming Summit.

Throughout the week and the region there are workshops and talks outlining the importance of gaming and esports in Jordan and their reach within the wider gaming world. There's sports and games exhibitions in cooperation with international and local companies, discussion sessions with global and local esports experts, professionals and leaders and interactive activities, and showcases designed to shine a light on local talents and their potential reach in the international esports arena.

Over 400 participants from esports enthusiasts and professional gamers, came together under one roof for a exciting day of activities and events.

Working together to a great cause

Yesterday, alongside Ahmed Al-Hanandah of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Maysalward’s founder and CEO Nour Khrais signed an agreement to create a summer camp program for schools across Jordan. This initiative is dedicated to training and building capacity in mobile game development among young students as part of the Youth, Technology, & Jobs Project.

Ahmed Al-Hanandah [left] and Nour Khrais of Maysalward [right]

The program is open to 150 public school students from grades 9 to 11, representing all regions: North, Middle, and South being the latest initiative from Kharais and Maysalward to promote prosperous coding and creativity within Jordan.

On LinkedIn, Maysalward writes: “Our mission with this summer camp is to inspire and cultivate the next generation of game developers. Students will have the opportunity to learn about game design, coding, and creativity in exciting and practical ways. We are committed to providing a foundational platform where young talents can thrive and transform their digital ideas into reality.”

Wrapping up in style

And the action continues tomorrow in incredible Petra for more special events before heading out to Aquaba on April 26th to 28th for the Esports Future Summit. There over 15 speakers will share their knowledge on establishing and promoting esports, with the day kicking off with a keynote entitled “The kingdom of Jordan is becoming a home for esports” from HRH Prince Omar Bin Faisal.

Be sure to check out the full program of activities across this coming weekend right here

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