Metacore acquires discontinued Supercell game Everdale

The story continues… Despite being shut down by its creators, Everdale is about to start a new life as Metacore acquires the title

Metacore acquires discontinued Supercell game Everdale

While we often write about launches, shutdowns and sunsets, it's rare that we get to witness a game coming back from the dead. But this is precisely what's happening to former Supercell title Everdale, which has been acquired by developers Metacore after it was shut down late in 2022.

The game proved popular with players who took to its calmer, more measured take on the Clash of Clans universe, but ultimately the title fell foul of Supercell's soft launch policy of axing games where it deems that time and resources could be better deployed elsewhere. Having "failed to meet expectations" at Supercell, its acquisition by another studio is a unique instance where a game has been deemed a failure by one studio but an asset for another.

The title's former game lead, Lasse Seppänen commented “We couldn’t be happier to see Metacore take over Everdale, a very dear game to us. Throughout the development, it became clear to us that this game has a lot of potential and amazing and loyal fans, but, unfortunately, in the end, it wasn’t the right game for Supercell."

"Everdale’s team came up with the idea of finding a new home for the game, and we feel confident in transferring ownership of Everdale to the hands of Metacore’s highly talented team. We have the utmost respect for their game development philosophy and can’t wait to see the next evolution of Everdale."

Any games?

It appears that Everdale could well be in good hands. Metacore are not amateurs to the development scene as their title Merge Mansion has seen massive success, and it could be that a simple realigning of goals for the title is all that's required. Finnish giants Supercell always aim high and are extremely discerning about which games they continue to support. A good game isn't enough, as they're always striving for their next title to be as successful as their flagship title Clash of Clans.

Alongside less pressurised company Everdale could now have room to thrive. And from Supercell's perspective, the sale offers a chance to recoup at least some of their costs. While for players it offers the opportunity to see a game they've played and enjoyed become available once more. It's a win all round.

However, details of the deal remain to-be confirmed for now and the purchase certainly doesn't mean Everdale will suddenly reappear immediately on storefronts. It's possible that we'll be waiting some time before it returns and in what form is not yet known. A reworking? A sequel using the same assets and setting? We'll be watching Everdale's return with interest.

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