Android has a 71% share of all ads traffic

Android remains the preferred platform for creatives, as the number of advertisers has more than doubled from 2019 to 2022

Android has a 71% share of all ads traffic

Android remains the largest platform in terms of advertisers according to a new report with the platform boasting a 71% share of advertisers compared to only 29% for iOS.

The latest data comes courtesy of Apptica, who broke down a number of key statistics in their report. Chief amongst them being that games far outstrip other formats when it comes to app advertising. With 69.02% of traffic on the iOS App Store and 55.58% on Google Play.

Apptica also notes that the most popular genre of game on iOS for advertisers is Casual. With Puzzle games being the largest share on Android. Overall, they indicate that the number of advertisers are continuing to grow across the mobile market, with games competing in the top three with shopping and social apps for advertising traffic share.

Why is this?

The first factor that should be clear is that Android remains the dominant operating system in the mobile market. Thus, with the majority of phones running Android rather than iOS it makes sense that most advertisers would prioritise that platform. Similarly, the competition with Shopping and Social apps makes sense when one considers how integral these are to modern life, if anything the figures indicate continued success of a recreational pastimes such as gaming.

Secondly, Apple is of course still in the wake of their IDFA changes which many advertisers are still struggling with. Whereas there was a sharp uptick in advertisers from the 2019 to 2022 period, which can be attributed to the growth of mobile gaming over the pandemic, many of these may be avoiding iOS until new means of measuring metrics become clearer.

Although many of these new advertisers may be facing a difficult time with the post-Covid market slump, other companies such as Adjoe are pushing forward into 2023 with three new management members to facilitate their push for global expansion of their mobile advertising business.

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