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Where to get ideas for future creatives

If you're struggling with creative concepts for your next ad campaign, Apptica has some practical tips

Where to get ideas for future creatives

Mobile game and app development studios must be extremely productive and competitive when it comes to ad creatives.

Vivid videos, static pictures and playable ads should grab users' attention the very moment they see them.

The problems begin when the production team is running out of ideas and creativity: sometimes it feels like every idea was already invented and used by someone.

But how and where can marketing teams get inspiration for upcoming campaigns? Here are some suggestions for those who struggle with the lack of creativity.


Forcibly created ideas might not succeed, so if your team didn’t come up with any genius ideas it might be useful to seek some help outside of the office. Involving separate specialists or even whole teams from other companies can save your production department from stagnation.

Marketing news

Reading the most recent articles about new mobile game or app launches with your creative team can boost your collective imagination and lead to better results. Make it a weekly practice to stay aware of all trends and outstanding advertising campaigns on the market.

Unsuccessful campaigns

Yes, even bad campaigns can sometimes be beneficial. Analyse your worst ad creatives to see what went wrong - this can help you come up with new ideas that are likely to win this time.

Your competitors

This is the most obvious but probably the most effective way to get inspired. You can study your rivals' current creatives for inspiration and recognise some of the latest market trends. Those who want to watch ad creatives for all time and from each and every competitor can use different analytical services, and here comes our last point:

Special analytical tools

Using professional services can speed up the process of generating ideas for your future campaigns. For instance, the Apptica platform contains millions of ad creatives from games and applications across the App Store and Google Play.

The service also provides access to all the indicators of the developer’s current / past creatives and allows users to download them and try playable ads.

Apptica unites and systematizes all data so creative teams and digital marketing specialists can analyse their main competitors and create their own successful ad campaigns.

Denis Shevchenko, CEO & Founder of Green Pixel studio, notes that understanding today's trends in creatives is a serious advantage for a company that is about to make a new ad campaign.

"Before we start working on a new promotion strategy, we analyse our competitors using Apptica tools," he says.

"Often, simply accessing the service can lead to the launch of a new advertising campaign. With the information provided by Apptica, you can avoid unnecessary expenses on testing a large number of new creatives and launch campaigns with knowingly high potential."

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