News delivers multiple AI tools under one game dev SDK

The kit aims to lower the barrier to entry for aspiring developers to make use of AI power delivers multiple AI tools under one game dev SDK

A new software development kit has been released by integrating generative AI, designed to work alongside ChatGPT, StableDiffusion/ControlNet and other similar tools.

Built on a procedural reasoning framework, the new SDK therfore offers a single platform serving up multiple AI options for developers to take advantage of.

Increasing access’s original kit launched in closed beta after more than a year of research and development, noted Mobidictum.

The aim of the SDK is to remove barriers to entry, introducing user-friendly interfaces and a "ShapeShifter" procedural reasoning system to simultaneously manage AI technologies. The idea is that this ShapeShifter will allow seamless integration and be applicable to world-building, game setting and mechanics, making development more efficient.

Proprietary tools like OmniController, 3DWorldBuilder and TerraFormer are also accessible through the toolkit.

"Our vision is to democratize the game development landscape by providing creators unparalleled access to ShapeShifter, which can be considered a fully configurable brokerage service that works with cutting-edge AI technologies to build games and experiences for any platform," said CEO Kasem Challiou.

Strategic partnerships have already been formed between and others in the industry as the company strives to democratise high-fidelity 3D games via AI technology. Its target market is the Web3 AA-rated metaverse space.

Many companies are beginning to look at their options for integrating AI, and others have already started. Unity teased the integration of AI tools with a trailer at GDC 2023, showing that this will allow users to type in requests and have Unity take on the busy-work of making them real.

Roblox is looking at the potential of generative AI too. We interviewed Stefano Corazza about how AI will enable new Roblox users to create much faster, where he shared: "In the long run we will have large language models able to generate entire experiences following the creator's input."

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