Clash Royale faces backlash following latest update

‘Update for Losers’ has been criticised for changes to game modes and the battle pass

Clash Royale faces backlash following latest update

Supercell launched its newest update for Clash Royale, ‘Update for Losers’, earlier this month, and it appears that fans weren’t happy with the new features, with some within the community asking the developer to revert to the previous state.

Among the most significant changes in the update is in the 2V2 mode, with the developers removing rewards such as crowns and chests. As such, the mode no longer helps players progress in the game, with players feeling that there is no incentive to engage in the mode.

Supercell has also made the decision to add a level cap for the mode, as well as removing it from regular battles, making the mode harder to access.

As a result of player’s unhappiness with the changes, even those interested in the mode have been affected with long queue times, leading to frustration throughout the fanbase.

Supercell seem to be taking note of the issues, with community manager Drew Haycock taking to Twitter to address concerns following the removal of the “Play Again” button in the mode, confirming that this was the result of a bug.

If it ain’t broke, fix it?

The company also faced criticism for changes to its Battle Pass system, Pass Royale. The system has seen significant changes, including the introduction of three tiers: Free, Gold, and Diamond. However, several awards have been removed from the system, including magic rewards, while implementing a higher price tag on the system. As a result, many players are dissatisfied that they’re paying more money for less reward.

Additionally, the removal of crowns from 2V2 has led players to complain that the so-called grind has been exacerbated.

No company is immune from criticism, and the backlash shows that not even the biggest in the games industry, such as Supercell, are above making mistakes. However, in a video released on March 31, the company stated that it would take note of the feedback, and changes are under discussion.

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