Supercell to hire "first ever" Brawl Stars producer alongside new staff for Clash Royale and

Supercell has been expanding its team in recent times and wants to make three more key hires

Supercell to hire "first ever" Brawl Stars producer alongside new staff for Clash Royale and

Helsinki-based mobile gaming giant Supercell is officially looking for new key employees, specifically hiring lead producers for its Clash Royale and Brawl Stars games. And notably, the search for full-time lead producers extends to too, Supercell’s latest RPG that recently concluded its first beta test.

Experienced lead producers who can excel in a "dynamic, fast-moving environment" are being sought after, with hopes in’s case to make the game "a massive global hit". Given Supercell’s nonchalant discarding of many, many mobile games - some not even making it to a full release - this new outreach certainly implies marks an exception, and a full launch really could come down the line.

"To make five games, we've killed dozens along the way. That's because we're obsessed with quality," the company boast in their job ad.

Key responsibilities

As for Clash Royale, Supercell is looking for a new key member of staff to ensure the game is "the thing you do whenever you have five minutes to spend", while Brawl Stars’ future producer will become the game’s first one ever. (How Supercell produce games without producers is obviously part of the Supercell magic...)

Responsibilities in producer roles will include project roadmapping, development schedule planning, communicating with various teams and stakeholders, budgeting resources and more. At least five years’ prior experience in producer or developer roles is required, while a knowledge of the free-to-play market is among the "nice to haves".

"We offer you a chance to join a team of professionals where talent feeds talent. We believe game development is a team sport and work together to achieve the best results. So, it’s paramount that you’re a strong team player as well!" Supercell posted.

"As a producer on a Supercell game team, whether a new game or one of our existing live games, you will not be slowed down by too complicated approval processes. Instead, you have the freedom to define the ways of working, tools and processes that best support the team’s work – if this challenge excites you, then you might just be the person we are looking for!"

Supercell's team has been getting observably bigger lately. Thea Chow became lead game producer this March, and ex-King CMO Fernanda Romano joined as chief marketing officer only last week.

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