Turkish studio Spektra Games receives $1.25m investment

The funding round was co-led by Ludus Ventures and The Games Fund

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 5th, 2023 investment Ludus Venture Studio $1.3m
Turkish studio Spektra Games receives $1.25m investment

Turkish mobile game developer Spektra Games has amassed a $1.25m investment in a funding round co-led by domestic firm Ludus Venturesand The Games Fund.

The company has seen early success with their title Parking Master Multiplayer 2 which has accrued 10 million downloads since its release in October 2022. Ludus Ventures need little introduction as they have also participated in a number of investments and funding rounds for mobile makers in the Turkish market over the past few years.

Co-Founder & CEO of Spektra Games, Kadir Danışman stated, “As Spektra Games, we have always had a clear focus since our establishment; becoming a studio that produces the most successful games globally in the mobile racing & simulation categories. We released three games that allowed us to become a profitable and sustainable company. With this investment, we will add new members to our talented and passionate team and accelerate our growth in both our current and new games.”

General Partner of Ludus Ventures, İsmet Gökşen said, “We are thrilled to support Spektra Games in their ambition to lead the mobile racing market. Spektra Games' co-founders, Kadir Danışman, Doğukan Şen, and Yusuf Demir, have demonstrated impressive entrepreneurial acumen, and we're honoured to have partnered with The Games Fund for their first investment in Turkey.”

“We're confident that Spektra Games has the potential to revolutionise the racing genre, and we look forward to supporting their journey to the top.”

More investment in Turkiye, as foreign firms come calling

Ludus Ventures has been a consistent feature of many of our stories on the investment environment in Turkiye, and İsmet Gökşen was bullish on the state of the market in our recent interview. With stronger interest from foreign firms like The Games Fund, we may be seeing greater competition and - hopefully for the developers involved - more money coming into the market.

Turkiye has remained a prominent market, as while revenue has dipped due to economic circumstances, players continue to rise. It means that, for investment firms looking for fertile ground to put their money in, the potential explosion of revenue that could follow will be attracting the sort of attention we’ve seen here, with local developers being beneficiaries of said investment.

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