Supercell’s Squad Busters sees overhauls and improvements in second beta

A combination of Supercell IP come together

Supercell’s Squad Busters sees overhauls and improvements in second beta

Mobile gaming giant Supercell revealed Squad Busters some months ago now – back at the end of January – as a title where "everyone is finally together" from across the company’s IP library. This already includes characters from Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Brawl Stars and Boom Beach.

Following an initial beta available only in Canada, the game has now had its second beta on Android, again in Canada, but also in Spain and Mexico this time around. The beta was available for one week and availability was limited.

Making improvements

Between the two betas, one major change was the introduction of a reroll mechanic; originally, players were presented with the characters they would be using in each match, whereas the new beta saw an opportunity to use consumable items to reroll, getting different batches of characters. A merging mechanic has also been introduced wherein obtaining three copies of one character turns them into a giga-sized, stronger version of themselves with more health and an ability bonus.

As summarised by, a plethora of in-game currencies were seen in the new beta such as diamonds, tickets, orbs, gems, coins, and experience. In the Gem Hunt game mode, 10 players participated in a free-for-all where they defeated monsters, chopped down trees to earn coins, and purchased more characters for their squads. When coming into contact with other players, the opportunity to steal coins and gems would arise.

Squad Busters’ progression system bears a resemblance to Brawl Stars’, with a fixed reward track giving players items like coins and emote packs at certain milestones. A battle pass track, meanwhile, offers rewards for levelling up.

Each world in-game has different characters that can be unlocked or bought, and as of the second beta they can reach level 7.

Supercell's Clash of Clans celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2022, but whether Squad Busters will even get beyond the soft launch stage remains to be seen.

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