Laguna Games launches Unicorn Party on mobile devices

The brand is expanding into new genres in search of a new audience

Laguna Games launches Unicorn Party on mobile devices

Laguna Games has begun the rollout of Unicorn Party, a series of casual games based on its Crypto Unicorn web3 games.

The company first announced plans to expand the brand onto mobile platforms last year, and released the first such game, Bumpercorns, on Android and PC on June 6. The next game, Mob Run, will be released in July.

“We’re expanding into different genres for this IP so that we can put a variety of games in front of the players,” Unicorn Party executive producer Lois Wang told GamesBeat. “Unicorn Party will be a multiplayer PvP game series where we can experiment with the different genres and diversify our audience.”

Unicorn Party is the latest attempt to onboard the wealth of mobile players into the world of blockchain gaming. To date, the Crypto Unicorn series has seen more than 140,000 NFT unicorns bred, with players getting rewards for holding onto their creations in order to exert power over the game to active players. Laguna aims to build its ecosystem and see its IP used by a variety of studios, allowing the franchise to grow into new genres. Additionally, players have traded more than 19200 ETH ($45 million) in in-game land and NFTs.

“We’re looking at how our developers and community can be much more integrated and even collaborate,” said Wang. “This is really one of our core long-term missions. While the market may have its ups and downs, we’re building something we consider to be generational.”

Charging into new worlds

The games released in the series so far offer separate experiences, and any NFTs bred in one game can be used in another within the same brand. Through this approach, Laguna hopes to make blockchain gaming more accessible than ever before.

“By expanding the Crypto Unicorns Ecosystem with innovative casual genre games, Laguna Games is playing a key role in bridging the gap between web2 and web3 gaming audiences,” said Laguna Games CEO Aron Beierschmitt in a statement. “Unicorn Party creates accessibility for a wide range of players while embracing the exciting opportunities that decentralised technologies offer. We’re thrilled to continue building upon this vision and bringing even more fun and engaging experiences to the crypto gaming world.”

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