Formation Games appoints new advisory group, including Wargaming and Riot veterans

The studio is the developer behind upcoming football game Club

Formation Games appoints new advisory group, including Wargaming and Riot veterans

Formation Games, developer behind upcoming football management game Club has appointed a new advisory group including veterans of the gaming industry.

These include Outright Games and Coherence chair Nick Button-Brown, marketer Nikki Lewis who has held positions at Riot, Rockstar Games and Epic Games, chief development officer for Wargaming Sean Lee, former member of Bungie’s Destiny 2 leadership team Linda Fane and former vice-president of the NBA Sam Li.

CEO Jonty Barnes, himself a veteran of the gaming industry commented “I’m delighted to have such a hugely experienced and talented group of advisors guiding myself and the team through development of CLUB.”

“The studio has attracted a superstar advisory group with some of the best thought leaders in the games industry. While we have a proven and talented studio, taking advice from some of the industry’s biggest innovators is a privilege. It’s accelerating our development as well as levelling up our team. The group altogether has invested close to $2m dollars, so they have a personal stake in our success, which is a testament to their confidence in what we are building here at Formation Games.”

Formation’s got the talent, but can it deliver?

This announcement is the latest in Formation’s gearing up for the release of Club. It has slowly built up a pool of talent, whether that be advisors, developers or endorsers. It’s also seen investment from a number of corners of the industry, such as Little Dot Studios, who partnered with the developer to provide investment in the form of a promotional social media campaign.

Now, people will be watching closely to see if Club lives up to expectations. But in terms of a dream team it doesn’t get more robust than this. And with Football Manager seeing great long term success and FIFA Mobile clocking $1bn in revenue the mobile football arena has never looked more action-packed.

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