ATT opt-in rates for gaming climb to 37% as users grow more data savvy

Adjust data shows acceptance is becoming more widespread thanks to user knowledge and publisher communication

ATT opt-in rates for gaming climb to 37% as users grow more data savvy

ATT opt-in rates on mobile has risen to an impressive 37% for gaming, with hypercasual on top at 44%.

That’s according to the latest data from analytics firm Adjust who've studied the opt-in rates on Apple platforms. Apple's App Tracking Transparency aims to place privacy controls in the hands of their users and require individuals to opt-in for the tracking of their data via apps rather than opting-out.

Gaming had the highest rate of opt-in of all app categories, the second-highest category is for food & drink at 36%, while the lowest is 7% for education - ostensibly due to the more stringent guidelines on collecting younger user’s data.

The top three games genres for opt-ins were hypercasual at a 44% rate, sports at 44% and racing at 40%, with hybridcasual following at 39%. Family and education were the lowest, at 2% and 4% respectively, again attributed to compliance reasons.

Hypercasual capturing a higher opt-in rate is due to how “the user base is uniquely more tuned in to the benefits of targeted advertising (finding their next title),” say Adjust. In terms of upping your own ATT opt-in rates they suggest cross-promotion as a possible solution to experiment with, as the opt-in rate for hypercasual installs from cross-promotion soars to a whopping 59%.


No ATT-pocalypse

Adjust notes that a consistent rise in ATT opt-in rates may go some way to allaying fears that have been prominent since ATT was introduced. The data indicates that certain genres such as hypercasual can increase their ATT opt-in rates quite easily via a combination of obvious benefit to the user (advertising leading them to their next game) and aiming towards more security savvy verticals who understand what data is being gathered and why.

Improved onboarding experience and UX is also key, as while continued investment in measurement and attribution tools such as Apple’s own SkAdNetwork has produced great results, consented first-party data will always be more effective at precise attribution. And if you need an idea of when to push ATT notifications as well, GameRefinery’s recent data suggests the first 6-30 seconds is the optimal time.

With Apple soon to introduce privacy manifests that outline what data apps will collect and why, it’s more important than ever for developers and publishers to begin grappling with attribution and data on iOS.

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