Adjust integrates Google Play Games for PC to enable cross-platform measurement

Marketers can now directly attribute installs to PC campaigns

Adjust integrates Google Play Games for PC to enable cross-platform measurement

Adjust has integrated Google's Play Install Referrer API with its PC and console measurement solution to help developers and publishers distribute and measure marketing campaigns across platform.

This new "first-of-its-kind integration" means marketers can now directly attribute installs to PC campaigns, informing devs as to which channels are the most successful in bringing users to their game.

Empowering cross-platform

The move comes as cross-platform gaming is on the rise, with an increasing number of titles taking a multiplatform approach in recent years.

"The ascension of cross-device gaming - both the demand for it among players and its electrifying potential as a user acquisition channel - provides a massive opportunity for mobile gaming app developers," said Adjust director of connected TV and new channels Gijsbert Pols.

"By taking advantage of Adjust’s Android SDK integration with Google’s Play Install Referrer API, developers can adjust their marketing tactics to broaden their apps’ reach."

Take-Two Interactive was among the developers to test the latest integration before its public reveal, being the owner of Rockstar Games, 2K and mobile specialist Zynga. Robert Zhao from Take-Two’s marketing and analytics department commented on Play Install Referrer API, sharing:

"In a time when consumers engage with ads and cross-play our games on PC and mobile, we were looking for an attribution provider that goes across the board. Adjust’s multi-platform measurement, superior reporting and innovative measurement tools for Google Play Games on PC allow us to streamline our campaign management and precisely monitor LTV for our games, irrespective of the platform.”

Google Play Games for PC came to Europe and Japan one year ago as the service saw an expansion, no longer requiring developers to optimise before submitting.

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