Are Silent Hill and Metal Gear coming back to mobile?

Konami’s latest financial report hints at new mobile games for two of its biggest franchises

Are Silent Hill and Metal Gear coming back to mobile?

Konami’s latest quarterly report hints at the development of mobile games based on two of its biggest franchises, Silent Hill and Metal Gear.

First spotted by Gaming On Phone, the company’s report notes that “With networked entertainment offerings rapidly becoming mainstream, now more than ever, many people have an increasing number of opportunities to enjoy playing games on any device. Amidst this situation, in addition to gameplay based on the features of the device, we are promoting cross-platform development so that users can enjoy content beyond the boundaries of various devices.”

Although Konami remains coy on what platforms it’s considering for cross-development, it’s worth noting that it’s been pushing the development of more and more cross-platform development, which includes mobile. The company will be releasing its latest game in this vein, Power Pro Baseball Eikan 9 Crossroads, later this summer.

Tactical moves

Konami has recently invested significant resources into new games based on both franchises. A remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was announced earlier this year, while a film adaptation starring Oscar Isaac was announced in 2020. Silent Hill, meanwhile, has four games and a film in development. Meanwhile spin-off games on mobile are yet to make good on either series' heritage with both Metal Gear Solid Touch and Social Ops and Silent Hill’s Orphan series paying lip service to their subjects.

Given both franchise’s history on mobile, new, improved games on phones seem like a logical step, especially given mobile's standing as world’s most popular and accessible gaming platform.

Notably, this isn’t the first time that Silent Hill has been the subject of speculation regarding a mobile entry. Mobile integration into the franchise has been rumoured for some time, most notably with South Korea releasing a rating for the mysterious - and unannounced - Silent Hill: The Short Message (as in Short Messaging Service, or SMS). The announcement of Genvid’s latest project, Silent Hill: Ascension, is also likely to feature mobile integration in line with the company’s previous games.

With both Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid eyeing up comebacks, and given their respective histories on mobile devices, it therefore seems likely that the two will be first in line for mobile adaptations.

Earlier this year, Konami title Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links celebrated its sixth anniversary.


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