Super Evil Megacorp are working on a Rebel Moon game

Zack Snyder’s latest film releases on Netflix in December with SEMC producing a game based upon it

Super Evil Megacorp are working on a Rebel Moon game

Last night's Opening Night Live event, marking the start of Gamescom 2023 saw the announcment of a new game from a trio of heavyweight creators.

Not only did the event feature the reveal of the first trailer for Rebel Moon - director Zack Snyder's upccoming first movie for Netflix - but the announcment that Super Evil Megacorp are developing a game based upon it, likewise for delivery via Netflix's gaming service Netflix Games.

In fact Zack Snyder took to the stage himself to reveal the first trailer for his upcoming space opera. Rebel Moon: Part One - A Child of Fire will be released on Netflix in December.

The film follows Kora, a mysterious young woman who works to assemble a band of warriors from different worlds in an attempt to take down a tyrannical force and save the galaxy.

Best known for his adaptations of graphic novels and comic books, most notably his work on the DC Extended universe (DCEU), Snyder has proven a somewhat divisive figure in Hollywood, although several of his films such as Sucker Punch and Dawn of the Dead have garnered passionate fanbases. The rumoured, then made real “Snyder Cut” of Justice League received critical praise and Snyder has previously worked with Netflix on the Army of the Dead franchise.

The trailer reveal came alongside the news that Snyder is working with game developer Super Evil Megacorp, who teased earlier this year that they were partnering with Netflix on a major new IP.

The game will be released exclusively on Netflix’s platform and, while details are slim, however Super Evil Megacorp have revealed that the title will be a four-player co-op action game.

“The universe of Rebel Moon is vast and exotic, dark and dangerous; truly a fantasy primed for rich storytelling and the committed dreams of our development team,” wrote the company in a blog post. “Building worlds is our passion and the opportunity to collaborate on this one has been a dream come true, making us equal parts excited and terrified by the creative challenge ahead. Our studio has learned a great deal about cooperative play from Vainglory, Catalyst Black, and TMNT: Splintered Fate and we are intending to take all of those learnings and push them to the next level.”

Earlier this week, Super Evil Megacorp CEO Kristian Segerstrale discussed the company’s growth in the last year.


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