Homa launches AI “Game Idea Generator”

The new technology streamlines the process of brainstorming a new title

Homa launches AI “Game Idea Generator”

Homa has announced the launch of “Game Idea Generator”, its first generative AI tool, on its Homa Lab platform. The AI-powered tool uses Homa’s data pipeline to come up with ideas for a game which have “built-in hit potential.”

“Think of the Game Idea Generator as your personal brainstorming companion, driven by the brilliance of artificial intelligence,” wrote the company in its blog. “Whether you want to create a game idea from scratch or build upon existing core loops, mechanics, or themes, this tool has got your back.”

The tool allows game makers to create a new title, either inspired by existing games, themes, or genres or based on market trends and previous successes. The tool is available to all Homa Lab users, and through its use, Homa hopes to streamline the ideation process and help game makers flesh out existing ideas and stay ahead of the curve.

The rise of AI

While the use of AI in the creative process can’t be understated, it’s worth noting that some within creative industries are growing increasingly concerned regarding job security. For example, SAG-AFTRA recently authorized a video game strike, driven in part by the ability of AI to replace voice actors. As such, while it’s doubtless that Homa’s tool can be used to effectively streamline the game development process, it could also come as a source of increasing concern to those who aren’t completely sold on the technology.

Are people right to be concerned? Perhaps. Stephen Fry recently made headlines after a history documentary used AI to emulate his narration of the Harry Potter series, and filmmakers can now scan a background actor’s likeness, paying them for a single day’s work but using their image over an entire shoot. As such, while it’s clear that AI has a place in creative industries, it’s also clear that its use requires regulation to appease those who feel their own careers are threatened by the technology.

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