Homa looks forward to 2024 as their catalogue surpasses 1.5 billion installs

Homa reflects on 2023 accomplishments from hires to installs to an expanded presence across platforms

Homa looks forward to 2024 as their catalogue surpasses 1.5 billion installs

As another January arrives, French mobile games publisher Homa has been reflecting on its biggest accomplishments of 2023, from the latest download milestones to key hires and even a broadening presence across platforms.

As one of France’s 15 fastest-growing companies, Homa also earned a place in our Top 50 Game Makers list here at in 2023.

Plenty to celebrate

After reaching the billion download milestone across its catalogue in 2022, Homa carried on expanding to 1.5 billion in 2023, with 15 new titles supporting this achievement. Among those new 2023 releases were Wild West Cowboy Redemption, Open the Box, and Hole and Fill: Collect Master.

And of course, downloads were swiftly bolstered by Attack Hole, the most downloaded hypercasual game of Q1 2023 - following in the footsteps of Merge Master - Dinosaur Fusion, which achieved the same paragon hypercasual status for Homa in Q1 2022.

Also highlighted in Homa’s celebratory reflection were its six mobile games ported to the Nintendo Switch, opening up new markets while providing these titles with a second chance to shine. Notably, cross-platform play was implemented to enable gamers to swap between devices. Aquarium Land is the biggest of these six games, with over 40 million mobile downloads by the time it landed on Switch.

Beyond its own gaming ventures, 2023 saw the first edition of industry insights magazine Homa Mag release, and Homa also streamed more than 40 training webinars, all helping developers "game the system" and make breakout mobile games.

115 new staff members were hired too, across a total of 26 countries. Among them were key leadership hires like president and CBO Henry Lowenfels, head of user acquisition Emma Egan-Lawless and director of publishing Michal Kowal.

"Homa's 2023 journey was a testament to our commitment to revolutionising gaming and empowering developers worldwide," Homa co-founder Olivier Le Bas posted on LinkedIn.

"We want to express our profound gratitude to our dedicated team, our supportive community, and our partners, who have played an instrumental role in this journey. Your hard work, creative spirit, and passion are the cornerstones of our success! Wishing a Happy New Year to everyone!"

2023 was also the year that Homa launched its AI "Game Idea Generator", designed to streamline the process of ideation for new titles.

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