Homa releases six mobile games on Nintendo Switch and offers the tech for devs to do likewise

Homa’s development and publishing platform makes it easy to get games out into multiple markets.

Homa releases six mobile games on Nintendo Switch and offers the tech for devs to do likewise

With cross-platform the hot topicin games right now, game publisher Homa has ported six games in their portfolio to Nintendo Switch and offers other developers and publishers the tech so that they can follow suit.

Releasing hit mobile games on consoles opens up new markets and gives established games a new lease of life in front of new audiences. Plus players benefit from cross-platform play being able to pick up and play whenever they want and wherever they are.

The six Homa games now available on Nintendo Switch are: Aquarium Land, Farmland, Merge Master, Zombie Raft, Zombie Escape, and Zombie Defense. And to prove their versatility the biggest of the bunch - Aquarium Land with over 40 million downloads on mobile - is also out now on PlayStation and Xbox with Steam and Steam Deck to follow.

"This initiative marks a new milestone in our mission to empower game developers to create hits using the Homa platform,” says Olivier Le Bas, Co-Founder and CRO at Homa. “We are thrilled to offer our hundreds of partner studios a platform-agnostic distribution strategy, giving them the chance to reach new audiences, such as those on the Nintendo Switch.

“Aquarium Land, a game developed by our long-standing partner Turquoise, is the first game to successfully go through our distribution machine, and there’s more to come.”

“We are extremely excited and proud to have Aquarium Land available on so many powerful gaming platforms,” says Kaveh Najafy from Turquoise Game. “We never thought this would be possible, and everyone on our team is truly grateful to Homa for their support throughout the journey - from helping us enhance our game for mobile devices to giving us the opportunity to play across multiple platforms and enjoy a delightful experience in each of them. It's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Getting in front of the biggest audience

According to Newzoo's PC & Console Gaming Report 2023, two out of three gamers played on PC or console. The report also suggests that 40% of PC and console gamers are core gamers, who dedicate more time and money to games.

Homa’s platform - produced in collaboration with specialist games porting company QubicGames - takes the strain of multi-platform conversion with titles undergoing the process being fine-tuned to suit their destination hardware. And at the end of the pipeline Homa are able to deliver insight and stats on performance back to their development partners. Devs can get on with making a single great mobile game while Homa can take care of multi-platform publishing and reporting.

Homa describe themselves as being “on a mission to take over the gaming industry by giving creators the data to transform their ideas into games played and money made.”

Since its inception, Homa raised a total of $165M to achieve this mission, with the participation of Headline, Northzone, Eurazeo, Singular, Quadrille Capital, Fabric Ventures and Bpifrance - along with renowned business angels, including King and FuboTV founders, and Spotify founder Daniel Ek’s family office.

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