AI dev tools provider Zibra AI celebrates 100,000 user milestone

The company's platform creates 3D assets for any virtual world or experience

AI dev tools provider Zibra AI celebrates 100,000 user milestone

Ukranian deep tech company Zibra AI has announced that it has reached a milestone 100,000 users of its technology.

The Zibra AI platform was founded in 2021 with the aim of streamlining the creation of interactive VFX and 3D assets and characters by offering AI-generated 3D assets, and has built a strong community of developers, VFX artists, and gaming enthusiasts both in their projects and more experimentally.

The company hopes that with the new milestone it can demonstrate how the responsible use of artificial intelligence can help developers improve their development cycles, regardless of their scale.

“Reaching 100,000 users is a fantastic achievement for us, but what's more amazing is seeing the level of interaction within our community," said Zibra AI CEO and co-founder Alex Petrenko. "Our Discord server is a creative hub where developers can express themselves and their work. We also regularly see our community share their creativity using our tools on other platforms such as Reddit.

"Zibra AI was founded to support creative minds and, happily, our tech seems to be resonating with our ever-growing developer community, for whom we’re truly thankful.”

Ethical AI

Zibra's team brings years of experiences at top gaming and tech companies, and this experience has granted them with a deep understanding of the industry.

Artificial intelligence is a topic that's becoming ever more prominent in the games space, with some fearing that the technology could eventually result in job losses. However, the technology's use as a tool can't be understated, with generative AI in particular helping to significantly ease the process of creating assets.

Zibra's focus on developing the technology with a focus on its ethical use may make users more confident in the platform, and may well see its adoption on a wider scale by game makers who are concerned about the implications of the technology on creative industries.

In August, Zibra AI announced a new partnership with Room 8 Group with the aim to “ethically pioneer innovative solutions in virtual content creation and tackle the evolving challenges of the mobile & console/PC industries.”

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